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The Foods To Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

Dental surgery in general needs some time to heal and settle, this includes dental implants. When a dental implant is fitted into your jawbone, it needs some time to settle in. Swelling may occur after the implant procedure which needs a few days to reduce. You may also experience a small degree of bleeding. This, again, is completely natural.

For optimal healing and restoration of that beautiful smile, it is important to adhere to dentist recommendations. One of the key recommendations is on the foods you eat, particularly for the first few weeks after the dental implant has been fitted.

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The Five Food Choices

Certain food choices could harm your implant during recovery. However, there are healthier, softer options that you can eat. Here are five foods you should eat after dental implant surgery:

  1. Fruit and Vegetables – Everybody is encouraged to eat fruit and vegetables and it’s a perfect food choice after implant surgery. They are naturally soft, high in vitamins and nutrients and in turn, have a minimal effect on your implant. Eat fruits such as berries, peaches, and oranges. It is recommended that vegetables are boiled to create a soft texture. You may even squash all fruit and vegetables together in a blender to drink as a smoothie.
  2. Eggs – Optimal health comes from eating the right protein. Eggs are full of rich protein, soft to eat and can be cooked in any method you like. They are also rich in calcium, an ingredient that helps strengthen teeth including the implant.
  3. Potatoes or Potato Dishes – Potatoes, no matter how they’re made, contain high sources of fiber. You don’t need to eat potatoes by itself. You can common additions such as cheese and gravy to improve the flavour. To keep the implant in optimum health, mash potato is the most recommended choice of dish.
  4. Broth-Based Soups – Soup is a great lifestyle a dietary choice in general. It is recommended that soup is eaten warm and not hot. The good thing about soup is it doesn’t require much jaw movement, soup is a great choice for protein, but not anticipating how hot soup is could increase the chances of a dental accident.
  5. Wheat and Oat Cereals – Known as cooked cereal, wheat and oat cereals along with flavour additions should be included as a post-surgery diet. Not only do they not affect your implant, but they’re also a great diet choice.

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Final Thoughts

It’s recommended that your diet is adjusted where possible to softer and lighter foods whilst the implant falls and settles into place. There are many delicious foods that are available to you to keep your diet tasty and healthy.

If you’ve concerns or questions about your implant, Sutherland Dental is on hand to ensure your implant is kept strong and natural for many years to come.

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