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Children Dentistry - Sutherland Dental

At Sutherland Dental you can rely on our friendly team to make your kids dental visit a fun, educational experience. Visiting the dentist as a child can be a daunting experience, but our friendly and experienced Paediatric Dentists create a nurturing, friendly and comfortable environment for children to be relaxed and to enjoy their visit.

Our Approach at Sutherland Dental

Children’s oral habits are identifiable as their teeth begin to grow. Children enjoy sugary habits, without understanding the consequences of them. But fear not, we have this covered. Our responsibility to kids is to ensure they understand the importance of oral health.

It is recommended kids to be booked in for a dental check-up every 6 months. Typical check-ups at Sutherland Dental involves an X-Ray to examine the mouth structure and overall health and to then review their day to day oral habits and share recommendations to keep those pearly whites pearly.

Children Dentistry Checkup by Sutherland Dentist

What to expect in a kids’ dentist appointment

At Sutherland Dental, our kids dental team bonds with kids, to educate them on the good and bad habits of oral hygiene and advise on positive oral care habits for long-lasting care through to their adult years.

Here’s what kids can expect in an appointment with our friendly and happy Paediatric Dentists:

Regular Growth and Evaluation Checks

Regular checks of your child’s jaws, mouth structure and overall oral health.

Cavity Filling

Protecting your child from tooth decay.

Regular Advice and Instruction

Reminding children about the importance of good oral hygiene and habits. At Sutherland, we perform an evaluation post check-up and relay the future steps your child should take to maintain a happier and healthier smile. As children are conditioned in understanding the importance of good oral health, they are ready to adopt the right health habits to maintain their smile.

The Parent Role

As a parent, you also play an important part towards your children’s oral hygiene. Get your kids onto the best habits early on to avoid expensive treatment and keep those teeth shining brightly.

  • Brushing teeth twice a day to keep decay, bacteria and infections away.
  • Limit those sugary treats to avoid future dental treatment.
  • Regular flossing to remove plaque, food cavities and to avoid gums disease.

Regularly relaying the importance of good oral habits such as brushing teeth twice a day, limiting sugary treats and flossing will limit any future dental treatment and keeps the white bright smile shining through.

At Sutherland Dental, we are happy to accommodate advanced appointments or after school appointments, so your children’s school times do not interfere.

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