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Sutherland Endodontics - Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment is an important procedure required when an infected tooth is causing severe pain or there are other teeth being affected by an infection.

Root Canals are also known as Endodontic therapy, this form of treatment consists of removing the infection within the centre (root canal) of the tooth. There is bacteria that lives in the mouth and an infection is typically formed after experiencing either tooth decay, leaky fillings, pain from trauma, the dental nerve or excess teeth grinding.

In extreme circumstances, dependent on the severity of the bacteria, the tooth’s pulp may become infected beyond return, causing it to fall out or be removed entirely. This ultimately leads on to replacing the tooth with further treatment to fit in dentures or artificial teeth. At Sutherland Dental, our experienced Dentist Sutherland team aims to save as much of the natural tooth as possible. However, we rely on you to take the initiative and call us as soon as you feel pain before it’s too late.

Dental Checkup in Sutherland Dental Clinic

Endodontic Treatment – The Five-Step Process

What can you expect from your visit? Our skilled dentists who can perform Endodontics will perform a five-step process in performing root canal treatment:

  • Apply local anaesthetic to reduce the feeling of discomfort and numb the pain.
  • Clean the infected area with the removal of the infected pulp from within the tooth to flush any likelihood of bacteria.
  • Once the infection is cleared, clean and shape the root canal ready for the filling.
  • Seal the gap with a large filling as a temporary resolution until the tooth settles.
  • A crown or cap is then placed in a separate appointment which prevents further damage and stabilises the tooth.

The permanent filling is applied within a separate appointment when there are no traces of bacteria left. Root Canal treatment is typically a single procedure with less likelihood of the infection returning. It is safe and provides extra strength to the tooth.

Post-Treatment Care

Initially, it is important to reduce the stress applied on the tooth, typically by eating softer foods and brushing around the tooth gently. The temporary filling may become damaged if crunchy or hard foods are eaten, so be extra safe immediately after the appointment. You should also seek regular check-up appointments post-treatment to ensure optimum recovery.

You cannot ignore tooth pain. Seek immediate attention from our trained and experienced dentists from Sutherland Dental.

If you have been experiencing severe pain then contact your local root canal dentist in Sutherland.

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