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Dr Salma Farag

Dr. Salma Farag is a highly skilled dentist based in Sutherland, Sydney, Australia, with a passion for enhancing smiles through cosmetic dentistry. With a focus on precision and aesthetics, she enjoys in transformative procedures such as dental veneers and crowns, ensuring her patients achieve not only optimal oral health but also radiant, confident smiles.

Dr. Farag's commitment to providing personalized and compassionate care has earned her a reputation as a trusted dental professional in the community.

Beyond her dental practice, Dr. Farag leads a balanced life. She finds solace in the pages of books, revels in the harmony of music, and embraces the thrill of kayaking. This multifaceted approach to life not only reflects her dedication to holistic well-being but also underscores her belief in the power of a healthy, beautiful smile to enhance overall quality of life.

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