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Dental Implant in Sutherland

Your Ultimate Dental Implants Aftercare Guide

You’ve just completed dental implant treatment, and the next most important thing is to look after it. You may have had a dental implant fitted for one of the following reasons:

  • Treatment for a missing tooth to preserve your bone and gums
  • Treatment for an awkward bite
  • Treatment for smoother alignment and positioning of your teeth
  • Treatment to replace dentures

No matter the reason for your dental implant treatment, the main thing is that there are no separate aftercare treatments. However, it will be your responsibility to practice and maintain good oral hygiene so that your implants last for many years. If you treat them like your natural teeth, they will be worth it.


Here are four important aftercare tips to look after your implants:

The Four Aftercare Tips

  1. Keep Your Mouth and Teeth Clean – For your implant results to be long-lasting, you must keep your mouth and surrounding teeth as clean as possible. It is recommended that you brush your teeth with a soft-bristle brush. Avoid the implanted area for a few days after treatment. Eat softer foods for the first week and avoid eating on the implant side.
  2. Take Adequate Rest for The First Week – The more rest you take, the quicker the pain will heal. Although it may only be sore for a few days, it can be easily managed with painkillers because the anesthetic will soon wear off. It is also recommended that you take salt with lukewarm water. If you experience swelling, apply an ice pack against your cheek 10 minutes at a time. These remedies speed up the healing process and can normality will resume shortly after.
  3. Limit Wearing Your Dentures – If you wear or have worn dentures, avoid wearing them immediately after treatment. A denture covering the implanted area should not be used as it heals. Wearing the dentures creates further pressure on the implant. It is recommended you seek further instructions from your dentist.
  4. Think Long Term Success– Just because the pain begins to wear off and the implants are settled, it doesn’t mean they should be neglected. Care for them in the same way as your normal teeth, such as brush and floss twice a day, a balanced diet, less consumption of alcohol and scheduling appointments with the hygienist regularly. Poor oral hygiene can build up and cause inflammation. This could lead to bone loss and eventually, your implant may fall out.

Dental Implant in Sutherland Dental Clinic

Final Thoughts

The more committed you are to your oral health, the better the results and the confidence you will feel when you smile. Regularly visiting your hygienist is beneficial so that your implants can last longer. It is recommended that a healthier lifestyle is adopted. Should you smoke or consume tobacco you are more likely to cause more harm to your oral health, not just your implants. Recovery times vary for different people and it is difficult to determine how much time is necessary for a full recovery. Ultimately, adopting dentist aftercare recommendations give you the best possible chance to maintain positive oral health and a strong implant.

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