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Dr Magd Mostafa

Dr Magd Mostafa has been apart of the Sutherland Shire as a Dentist for some time. He graduated as a dentist in 2005 in Egypt and subsequently completed a Master Degree in Endodontics in 2012 to further his capabilities and to support his patients.

Dr Mostafa loves dentistry and brings energy and passion to the Sutherland clinic. A key interest shared is to apply his dental skills to help patients with dental implants, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry so they can walk away with a bigger, brighter & importantly healthier smile.

In Dr Mostafa’s he is juggling 2 young children (twins) with his wife who live in Sutherland and in his very rare spare time he enjoys playing squash, swimming and travelling.

Magd Mostafa - Sutherland Dentist

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