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Dental Hygienist - Check-up and Clean

Dental check up and cleans are crucial to maintaining good oral health. Having a healthy, bright smile leads to improved interactions with people through improved confidence, self-esteem & importantly no infections or bad breath.

At Sutherland Dental, our comprehensive scale and clean appointments not only help to maintain and improve your oral health, but we identify the best methods to consistently protect you from developing bacteria, cavity or gum disease. Check up and cleans also give your dentist an opportunity to identify any early signs of issues through x-rays and examinations. This proactive approach to dentistry keeps our patients smiling longer.

Dental Checkup in Sutherland Dental Clinic

New Patient Check up and clean

Keep those teeth happy and healthy with regular appointments with our dental hygienist

The Sutherland Dental Check-up and Clean Procedure

Our dental Sutherland team are focused on keeping your teeth as healthy and white as can be. Prevention is a much better strategy than cure so with that in mind, we recommend regular six monthly visits to keep your oral health.

During your appointment, our experienced dentists will undertake an examination of your current structure of your teeth, gums and facial structure. This procedure is carried out on every first appointment for new patients and is usually performed with dental digital x-rays.
The procedure then moves onto discussing the insights gathered from the x-ray and sharing any potential concerns with you & then presenting solutions to these.  Our experienced dental hygienists ensure to remove plaque and stains from your teeth that may develop chances of cavity, bacteria and risk of illness.
Depending on the results of your procedure, we may also advise on general diet and health habits you should adopt to maintain cleanliness and good hygiene.
Committing to an oral hygiene routine is essential. It is highly recommended that you book yourself into a check-up and cleaning schedule 6 months at a time. Regular visits to your dentist only increase the chances of preventing oral health issues and leaving your teeth looking at its absolute best.

Our Dental Hygiene Tips to You

After every check-up and cleaning procedure, we will provide advice or tips on how to regularly maintain your hygiene routine away from the clinic. Here are some tips to take home with you:

  • Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth twice every day.
  • Floss after a heavy meal to remove food residue within visible surfaces to keep all surrounding areas of your mouth clean.
  • Avoid regular sugary foods to reduce changes of degrading teeth
  • Limit the consumption of Alcohol, Soft Drinks or Soda’s
  • Eat vitamin and fibre favoured foods such as nuts and vegetables

If you haven’t visited your dentist for a check up and clean for some time then please contact our team so we can book an appointment and get those teeth checked, so you can walk away with piece of mind and a healthier smile.

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