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About Sutherland Dental

Formerly Known as RW Graham & PJ Kennedy Dental Surgeons.

The Sutherland Vision

At Sutherland Dental, our vision is to deliver exceptional quality of care and improve your oral health to transform the lives of our patients. The only thing that matters to us is you and your dental needs. We listen, we acknowledge, and we provide exceptional care.


Honesty, Integrity and Trust

Our team always provide honest, transparent advice regarding treatment options. Integrity is at the centre of our actions and we believe in doing ‘what is right’ for our patients.

Adopt a Comfortable and a Happy Environment

A happy team means a happy practice, particularly in our comfortable dental clinic.

Be Respectful and Ethical

We serve with respect to all our patients and maintain the highest quality ethical standards

Support and Grow Together

Building a positive team and supporting local communities

Deliver Exceptional Patient Care

We strive to improve every day to deliver the quality care you deserve

The Sutherland Dental Philosophy

At Sutherland Dental, we believe in our philosophy of delivering passionate and dedicated patient care, which will help, you achieve that beaming and confident smile.

Our passionate team will provide long-term solutions for your oral health. We will always keep you informed with updates around treatment options and general dental recommendations. As part of our core values, our willingness to be socially responsible helps us proudly support and grow the Sutherland community.

Achieving that beaming, confident smile is our mission to you. Which is why our latest dental technologies enables us as a team to provide efficient, comfortable and affordable care. Rest assured, our dedicated efforts will strive to cater for your oral health needs.
Your individual needs matter to us. So, sit back, relax and trust our compassionate and caring team to care for you and that pearly-white smile!

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