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calcium foods for strong oral health

Calcium Foods For Strong Oral Health

Whilst you should maintain a strong oral routine comprising brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, the foods you eat are just as important, and a key nutrient your teeth regularly needs is calcium. Your enamel can only protect your teeth and keep them white and strong if they’re being fed the right nutrients. Calcium strengthens the enamel so it can defend your teeth from erosion and cavities.

Therefore, your diet can act as a benefit or a consequence to your oral health. It can maintain strong teeth and bones if it’s regular in your diet.

Below describes the best calcium foods for strong oral health you should consider consuming as part of a balanced diet.

calcium for strong teeth

The Five Calcium Foods For Strong Oral Health

  1. Canned Fish (Salmon and Tardines) – Fish provides a high amount of calcium and can be served as part of a healthy meal. It is also an excellent source of vitamin D that keeps bone strong. You can a single sardine or a chunk of salmon as part of a salad. It is recommended that you have a source of fish at least 2 times a week.
  2. Leafy Green Vegetables – Mix a green salad in your meal or even consider whipping up a smoothie containing all green vegetables and your bones remain strong. Vegetables can be eating raw, cooked or roasted, it doesn’t really matter because you’ll still contract a good source of calcium so your enamel stays strong and away from bacteria.
  3. Almonds – If you want a healthy snack, start eating almonds. Almonds contain calcium, healthy fats and magnesium properties that serve your enamel well and keep any bacteria build-up at bay.  Almond butter is also a great option, and both contain low sugar properties.
  4. Dairy Products (Cheese, Milk and Yoghurt) – Dairy products contain a high source of calcium. Cheese has proven to not only strengthen bones and teeth but also contains protein properties to keep your enamel strong, limit cavities and produce increased saliva that is vital to fighting off any acid.
  5. Orange Juice – Orange Juice may contain higher levels of sugar properties but is also a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Ensure that you drink pure orange juice that is a concentrate so your bones can absorb its calcium content. Enjoy a small glass with breakfast but don’t make it a regular beverage.

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Extra Tips…

The stronger the enamel, the more benefits to your bones and teeth. The enamel is a protective surface located at the front of your teeth. When this is exposed, the underlying dentin becomes exposed and you’ll become more prone to discolouration, bacteria build-up and infection. When the enamel is weak, it can no longer protect your smile, and your teeth can become exposed to cavities and bacteria. A lack of calcium for strong oral health in your diet can also make your bones brittle, meaning the tooth sockets not staying in place and causing your teeth to become loose. If you’ve recently had teeth whitening treatment, the results will begin to degrade fast. Calcium foods for strong oral health should also be considered an essential whitening aftercare tip. Therefore, ensure as part of your balanced diet, eat the right nutrients, such as calcium so your smile stays in check.

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