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Wisdom Teeth Removal – Cost And Procedures

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Cost And Procedures

When growing up, from a toddler through to adolescence, teeth gradually emerge from behind the gum. Sometimes teeth develop into molars, also referred to as flat teeth. These molars develop at the back of the mouth on both sides and are typically the last teeth to erupt. The third molars that develop in the back of the mouth are known as wisdom teeth.

When wisdom teeth develop, it’s typically because they are trying to erupt into the jaw when there is an insufficient area for them to do so.

Although not everyone gets wisdom teeth, most individuals do, and it’s highly common for this to happen.

Wisdom teeth that have not fully erupted can be problematic. These are impacted teeth, and they typically do not emerge in a straight line.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

The dentist won’t advise removing your wisdom teeth if they aren’t harming your neighbouring teeth. Wisdom teeth are frequently extracted if they are “impacted” and endanger your oral health further because they haven’t developed normally or haven’t broken through the gum tissue.

Your dental health suffers further consequences when this occurs. This could result in:

  • Increased sensitivity at the back of the gums
  • Damaged teeth from biting down on food
  • Damage to neighbouring teeth
  • Increased likelihood of periodontal disease risk due to plaque and bacterial build-up
  • A higher chance of developing a tooth abscess
  • A higher chance of developing bacterial infections of the tongue and throat

What Are The Symptoms Of Wisdom Teeth?

You might encounter a few of the warning signs or symptoms listed below at home, which could mean you need to have your wisdom teeth pulled: 

  • Swollen or red gums
  • A swollen jaw and surrounding area
  • Increased jaw sensitivity
  • Taste or breath that is unpleasant
  • Stiffness when opening and closing the mouth

What Is The Procedure For Removing Wisdom Teeth?

The dentist will prepare you appropriately so that you feel little to no pain before the wisdom teeth extraction process is carried out. Local anaesthesia is administered inside the gum tissue near the damaged tooth after your dental examination.

To make it simpler to reach the wisdom tooth, the surgeon aims to expand the jaw gap. The surgeon may chop the tooth into tiny pieces if the tooth is difficult to remove as a whole because it hasn’t grown through the gum or is only partially erupted, making it difficult to access the wisdom tooth.

After being removed, the wound is then patched. A gauze pad is provided to bite on to stop as much of the bleeding as possible if blood forms, which is a likely occurrence. This causes a blood clot to form.

The blood clot is necessary for protecting the nerve and bone structures beneath. This takes time to fully develop.

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Treatment Cost?

In Australia, the cost of wisdom tooth removal can vary as many factors can impact the cost. Dental care is relatively expensive in Australia on average, and it is important that you make sure you consider the following factors:

  • Dentistry is more expensive in Melbourne and Sydney compared to other cities in the country
  • The difficulty of the eruption, such as the location of the tooth and how complicated it is to reach the tooth
  • The type of extraction you will need
  • Whether your tooth extraction is covered by dental insurance

Typically, the average cost can depend on how straightforward or complicated wisdom teeth removal treatment is. Simple extractions for a single wisdom tooth can typically start from $200. In comparison, wisdom teeth that require a surgical extraction can start from $300. The dentist will be best placed to support you with this when a pre-examination is performed.

It is worth speaking to your dentist regarding whether you have dental insurance because if wisdom teeth removal is part of your insurance, you can discuss a payment plan with your dentist.

Do you have a wisdom tooth? Are you seeking to get it removed? Then pick up the phone and book yourself in for an appointment with Sutherland Dental.


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