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What’s Meant By Smiling Confidence?

Studies find that confidence plays a important role in your smile. When regularly showing off your smile in public, especially without thinking about it too much, this demonstrates a high level of self-confidence. There may be times where seeking an imperfect smile takes time, but your smiling confidence is impacted by the look and feel of your teeth. A lack of smiling confidence is likely to be due to poor oral health and how teeth look, such as wear-and-tear or missing teeth. Teeth may also show signs of discoloration, stubborn stains that simply cannot come off when brushing their teeth.

Do you struggle with a lack of smiling confidence? If you perform certain habits that damage oral health, then it is more than likely that your teeth aren’t at a level you’d want.

These ‘certain habits’ are described below that can feed a lack of smiling confidence.

A child is anxious of her smile

Skipping Dental Check-Ups

You’re not visiting the dentist for scheduled check-up appointments at the dentist because of shame and embarrassment of poor oral health. This means your teeth are in a poor state, hiding your smile. There could be many reasons for this; such as poor oral hygiene, bad dental habits or adverse medical conditions that damage the look and feel of your teeth.

Very Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is a negative opinion formed about oneself. Positivity forms when self esteem is high, and that includes warming to own smile. When self-esteem is low, whilst others may describe your teeth as ‘perfect’, you’ll continue to believe the opposite. This introduces the fear of judgment from others and low expectations about yourself.

Your Mouth Stays Closed

Hiding your teeth by keeping your mouth closed means exerting lots of energy to show your teeth, and you may even begin to experience anxiety when doing this. A lack of positive energy and emotion isn’t good for wellbeing, and to improve this, you should consider a professional clean to improve the look of your teeth.

Fake Or Forced Smiles

Faking a smile can be seen as a negative action and could have adverse effects on overall smiling confidence and quality of lfie. Getting into the habit of doijng this can indicate

A lady has poor oral health and is hiding her smile

you’re not happy with your smile. If you’re finding your smile uncomfortable, you may consider practicing smiling in front of a mirror at home. Eventually, smiling may become more natural. You’re likely to show off a forced smile, especially if you’re anxious. Visiting the dentist for an appointment will be the best choice you can make.

Smiling Confidence Is Beneficial

Smiling confidence demonstrates happiness in yourself and your teeth. You don’t really think about it, but it becomes natural to smile. If your teeth are in good shape owing to a strong oral routine, there is no reason to hide your smile. You can take the necessary steps to restore your smiling confidence by visiting the dentist every six months whilst taking their oral routine recommendations on board.

If you’re smiling confidence is low, why not consider teeth whitening treatment with us at Sutherland Dental today? Simply get in touch with us here to book your appointment now!


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