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All About Professional Teeth Whitening

Stubborn stains on your teeth can be very frustrating, particularly if they don’t disappear no matter how many times you brush and floss during the day. You may have also attempted over-the-counter products strips and gels to help your smile shine through. What is nothing works? Well, there is another solution: professional teeth whitening.

Cosmetic Dentistry Teeth Whitening in Sutherland

An Understanding On Teeth Whitening And How It Works

Teeth whitening is a form of cosmetic dentistry that lightens the shade of your teeth. This is performed using a natural bleaching agent as the whitening solution to whiten your smile and remove any stubborn particles within your teeth. The plaque will also be scraped off as well. The professional cosmetic treatment is performed in-office by the dentist to remove those stubborn stains and reduce chances of bacteria build-up.

The smile you want is just around the corner! A professional dental clean takes one hour maximum. It is a safe procedure but requires special skills and tools from the dentist to ensure you experience no after-effects such as tooth or gum sensitivity.

So, what are the steps? Before treatment begins, the dentist conducts a pre-examination to assess the state of your oral health in general. As part of this, the dentist will talk to you about the shade of white you’re seeking. If your oral health shows no concerns, treatment can begin.

The Steps To Perform The Treatment

Cleaning The Teeth 

The first step is to remove any stubborn particles or surface stains throughout the mouth. The dentists use a special liquid to clean the mouth entirely before the bleaching agent can be applied to polish the teeth.

The Assorted Shade

The dentist will present a set of assorted shades of the tooth, which contain separate shade colours to help understand the shade of smile that you want. These shade colours will help you look at sample matches with different shade colours to determine which sample matches the shade of your natural teeth. This is essential to avoid an awkward smile. Ultimately, as the patient, you’ll have the final say on the shade you would like.

Apply The Protective Dam

The bleaching agent contains hydrogen peroxide, and hence your gums and oral tissue need protection. The dentist will apply what’s known as a dental dam or a rubber seal to keep the teeth isolated.


Apply The Bleaching Agent

The bleaching agent is then applied to the teeth to polish. This agent is formed from a gel made out of hydrogen peroxide. The higher the concentration agent, the better the results. Most whitening gel’s at the dentist are applied at a range of between 15 to 30%. 

Activate The Laser 

The bleaching light or laser is activated. This form of treatment is optional for some dental practices. The laser is directly applied to the teeth to speed up the process.

Are you considering teeth whitening treatment to brighten up your smile? Or you’re seeking aftercare support? Contact us at Sutherland Dental today and we’d be more than happy to welcome you to our practice so we can help you restore your smiling confidence. Click here to get started!


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