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Tips To Strengthen Your Enamel

If you’re wondering which substance in the body keeps your teeth white, it’s the enamel. The enamel is the outer protective layer of the tooth which is the hardest and most important substance in the body. The enamel protects your teeth from decay and discolouration. When you consume food and drink every day, the enamel will be the first line of defence. Therefore, you must take extra care of it for your teeth to stay clean and white.

Discolouration from teeth stem from the intrinsic (inner) and extrinsic (outer) surfaces. When stains form from the inner surface, stains form below the surface of the tooth, which is difficult to remove with a soft-bristle toothbrush. When stains form on the outer surface, the particles or residue from food and drink build up to cover your smile with stains.

If you haven’t yet read up on the signs of enamel erosion, read here.

Otherwise, lets learn about the tips of keeping the enamel strong for white and healthy teeth.


Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Sodas, coffee, wine and candy treats contain the highest levels of sugar. The acidic particles will damage the enamel considerably. Teeth will eventually have a darker shade, reducing the confidence in your smile. Whilst this isn’t advocating to reduce your sugar intake entirely, but consume it in moderation to preserve the health of your enamel.

Calcium, Calcium, Calcium!

Calcium is an essential ingredient for your enamel and acts as a defence from acid and tooth decay. It also helps develop stronger bones, enamel and provides structural support for your teeth. If you’re not consuming foods such as milk, cheese, dairy, green vegetables and nuts as part of your diet, your teeth are missing out on vital vitamins and minerals.

Regular Dental Check Ups

If you believe simply brushing and flossing teeth at home is the only oral hygiene step you need to take, then you’re actually not doing enough. Booking regular dental check-ups with the dentist is essential. When visiting the dentist, you’ll be given truthful dental advice and a comprehensive check of your oral health. With regular check-ups, it is promised that your oral health will stay strong for the long-term. Book regular appointments every six months.

Use Enamel-Pro Toothpaste

The dentist can recommend enamel-pro toothpaste to strengthen your enamel whilst keeping teeth white. Our favourite food and drink are culprits of poor enamel. Whilst reducing your sugar intake and incorporating calcium-rich foods in your diet, an enamel-pro toothpaste contains fluoride that protects your teeth from acid whilst keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

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Final Thoughts…

The tips above all feed into positive oral hygiene habits. If you’re not performing these tips now, you’re doing more damage to your teeth than you think. The dentist can provide all the advice you need to preserve the strength of your enamel. In-turn, you can enjoy a bright shiny smile with confidence.

Are you experiencing enamel erosion? Our exceptional dentists at Sutherland Dental are best placed to deliver the treatment you need to save your oral health. Contact us now and book an appointment.


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