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Cosmetic Dentistry For Children

The perception of cosmetic dentistry is that it only exists for adults. In the past, parents have been stuck on what to do to preserve the oral health of kids’ teeth. We’re here to tell you that cosmetic dentistry for kids does exist. It isn’t catered for just adult oral health. Although adult treatments do not translate well for children, there are still minimal-invasive dentistry options for teeth still developing.

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The Available Treatments

Are you concerned about the state of your kids’ oral health? Read on to learn the available cosmetic dentistry treatments for kids.

Check-Up And Clean

A check-up and clean is perfect for children as it is designed to protect from decay, promote oral hygiene and keep teeth clean. A check-up and clean should be part of your kid’s overall oral routine, and regular check-up visits to the dentist allow the dentist to introduce recommendations to help preserve the health of kids’ teeth.

Dental Fillings

Fillings for children are made out of white composite metal used to fill any cavities formed in kids’ teeth. Cavities form from tooth decay because of poor dental hygiene, but the filling helps to protect the tooth from further damage.

Orthodontic Braces

Sometimes, kids teeth grow to become overcrowded or crooked in shape. When teeth are crowded, kids will experience an abnormal bite, and this is more dangerous to teeth when eating meals. An overcrowded look can also disturb their smile and reduce their confidence. Orthodontic braces can be applied to straighten them.

Children Crowns

Dental crowns for kids are also available. They are pre-prepared in a variety of sizes and shapes adjustable by the dentist to fit perfectly around the affected tooth. The crowns are designed to stay durable until the child’s tooth falls out.

Root Canal

The myth of root canal treatment is that it is scary and unsafe. This isn’t true and a root canal can be given to children as well. The tooth root of adults compared to children is much different. Kids’ enamel is thinner compared to adults and may experience sensitivity as soon as decay breaks through it. A local anaesthetic will be given to the child to numb any sensitive feeling before beginning the process of removing teeth. Rest assured, the dentists are primed to ensure the treatment is carried out under controlled and safe conditions to keep your child comfortable.

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Final Thoughts

Any concerns with your kid’s teeth can be left in the capable hands of the dentist. The above cosmetic treatments can be carried out to ensure their oral health is preserved and kept strong. It is also the responsibility of you as the parent to ensure that quality oral health routines are maintained at home. Enamel as a whole is very important as it acts as the first line of defence for kids and adult teeth in general. Read here to learn how kids can keep enamel strong.

If you’re concerned by your kid’s oral health, leave your kid’s dental needs in the capable hands of experienced dentists at Sutherland Dental. Click here to book an appointment now.


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