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Losing A Baby Tooth

As part of children dentistry, children eventually start to lose baby teeth. It is a sign that permanent adult teeth are forming. Baby teeth have to fall out to make way for adult teeth. Children get excited when their first tooth wobbles. Not because they’re excited to form adult teeth, but children are given the incentive to remove baby teeth for a treat. In dental terms, wobbly baby teeth are a big milestone in child development. The sooner adult teeth grow the better.

The permanent tooth has to push up from the tooth root to dislodge the baby tooth in its place. Children are expected to lose baby teeth from the age of 4 to 7 years. With this period, as a parent, you must be aware that baby teeth will start to come out and be prepared to care for your child.

Children Dental Care in Emergency

The Four Tips

  1. Rinse Mouth When Bleeding – Your child may panic when seeing blood, but there is no need for concern. It is natural for bleeding to occur. Calm your child down in the event of seeing blood and reassure them that the blood will stop. Support them by rinsing the mouth with lukewarm water or clean the area with a washcloth.
  2. Help Them Brush Teeth – Children tend to brush hard around lost tooth areas which causes irritation on the gums. Either support your child to brush teeth or brush their teeth for them, taking extra care around the affected tooth area.
  3. Reassure The Tooth Will Grow – Children may not want to show the gap they have on their teeth. As a parent, it is important to explain to them that teeth will grow back again.
  4. Stop To Adopt Better Oral Habits – When adult teeth begin to seep through, the importance of good quality dental hygiene habits should never get unnoticed. When adult teeth fall out, the child will need to have dental treatment to resolve it. Explain to your child that adult teeth need looking after. Ensure they continue to brush twice daily and rinse with lukewarm water after a meal.

Helpful Tips by Dentist for Childrens

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Final Thoughts…

Risks of not following the above steps can lead to decay in teeth and potentially expensive treatment to resolve dental concerns. Whilst losing a tooth may not seem as serious, you must visit the dentist for immediate advice.

If your child has lost a baby tooth, and you need more information on what to do next, Sutherland Dental is on hand and ready to make sure your child leaves the dental practice with a beaming smile.

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