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Preventing Dental Problems: How Often Should You See Your Dentist?

When people talk about their general health, usually their oral health seems to take a back seat. However, if one visits a dentist regularly, it can prevent many oral and dental health issues. Some patients need clarification regarding the frequency of dental checkups. They must be fully informed about how often they must visit the dentist.

This blog will answer why regular dental checkups are essential and what one can expect in a dental checkup.

Why do Dentists recommend Regular Dental Checkups?

When you go for regular dental checkups, you allow the dentist to distinguish any oral and dental problems you will be experiencing. You may have gum disease, tooth decay, or oral cancer, and you may not realise it. When the dentist detects a possible dental issue, he discusses the treatments and helps to reduce any risks of further oral problems.

After completing your regular dental checkup with the dentist, you must follow the preventive hygiene procedures that will help prevent any chances of another disease. If the dentist wants a detailed view of your oral condition, you might be required to take X-rays. It will help the dentist recommend proper dental treatment after the correct diagnosis.

How Often Should You Visit a Dentist for a Dental Checkup?

It is up to your dentist to determine how often you should visit for a dental checkup. As every mouth is unique and every individual has different needs, a standard recommendation may only be helpful for some. The majority of people benefit from having dental checkups twice a year.

When an individual has more oral health problems or general health concerns, it can increase the risk of dental issues and mouth infections. In that case, the dentists encourage them to visit more often. This way, the dentist can thoroughly monitor the individual’s ongoing conditions and look for any early signs of a disease or decay that are hard to detect initially.

What Can You Expect at a Dental Checkup?

A dental checkup takes around an hour to complete, while there is a general assessment of oral health and dental treatment recommendations. Generally, one can expect the following procedures when having a dental checkup.

  • Dental X-rays

The dentist might take dental x-rays of your mouth at the start of the appointment to detect any dental issues.

  • Cleaning

There are several benefits to oral health when you go for cleaning. The dentist cleans the teeth and removes any plaque from their surface and below the gum line. After that, the teeth are polished with the help of the paste.

  • Cavity and Gum Health Detection

The dentist also examines your teeth for decay, chips, or cracks. This way, he can determine the areas that need repair. Your dentist will also control the condition of the gums and look for the signs of periodontitis or gingivitis. You may have pockets around the teeth where the gums might be pulled away because of plaque buildup.

  • Existing Dental Work Condition

Dental work cannot last for a lifetime, so a dental checkup is necessary so the dentist can check the condition of your mouth and teeth. After a thorough checkup, you should have a dental bridge or crown or a new filling.

Your Next Dental Checkup in Sutherland, NSW 2232, Australia

If you are ready to have your general dental checkup, Sutherland Dental is there to offer you its services. Our dentists recommend that you have a checkup twice yearly unless you have any particular health issues. Our team of professionals will make the entire checkup procedure comfortable, and you will be satisfied with the final result.

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