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How Much Does the Root Canal Cost in Australia

How Much Does the Root Canal Cost in Australia

How Much Does the Root Canal Cost in Australia

Our dental health is as important as our overall health, and therefore, our dentists advise us to take proper care of our teeth to prevent any oral issues. When we have decayed or infected teeth, the best option is to preserve the natural teeth, and a root canal is an ideal option instead of extraction.

The root canal cost in Australia depends on the number of root canals, but your dentist can give you the best advice because the procedure can sometimes be more expensive and complex. Read on to learn more about the cost of the root canal.

Is It Better to Have a Root Canal or Extract the Tooth?

Preserving our natural tooth is always in our best interest, so in case of an infected or severely decayed tooth, it is best to opt for a root canal instead of pulling out the tooth. The root of the tooth remains intact when we have a root canal, and these roots can maintain the density of the jawbone. When the tooth and its roots are extracted, the jawbone starts to deteriorate and may result in an aged look.

When the infected tooth is treated with root canal therapy, the jawbone remains in its place. If we have missing teeth, it can lead to several problems in the coming future. Not only does it cause bone loss, but there can be a greater risk of losing more teeth. It is common for the adjacent teeth to shift into the space left by the missing tooth, which can lead to issues with biting, chewing and speech.

What is the Root Canal Cost in Australia?

Generally, Australia’s root canal cost starts from $900. The price depends on factors like the complexity of the treatment and which tooth needs a root canal. It is worth mentioning that the procedure cost doesn’t include the dental crown, which price that starts from $500.

Dental insurance may cover a significant portion of the cost of the root canal therapy and crown. Therefore, you should inquire about root canal treatment costs with your insurance provider. It would be best to remember that the root canal cost for the front teeth differs from the back teeth.

Which Factors Impact the Root Canal Cost?

  • The Type of Tooth

The majority of people may not be aware of the fact that the type of their tooth can affect the treatment. The front teeth are easier to deal with than molars because they have only one canal, and molars can have three canals.

  • Dental Insurance

It would help to look at dental insurance because dental treatments can be expensive. If you have dental insurance, then there is a possibility that you may have to pay half of the root canal cost, as the insurance covers the root canal. So, it is better to find a specialist who accepts dental insurance.

  • The Severity of the Problem

You may need a root canal treatment if you have a chipped or cracked tooth. The cost will be different from the tooth that has swelling or infection. The main reason is that the dentist has to treat swelling and infection before starting the root canal treatment.

Root Canal Specialist in Sutherland, NSW 2232, Australia

A root canal is a medically essential procedure that saves your tooth from infection without getting extracted. Sutherland Dental is excellent for root canal treatment and general and cosmetic dentistry. It has been able to build a reputation on the success of its treatments, as Sutherland Dental doesn’t compromise on the quality of care and materials.

If you want to learn about the root canal cost and process, call us or book an appointment, and you can be assured of professional dental touch.


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