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Dr Amr Elnaggar

Dr Amr Elnaggar has completed his bachelors in dental surgery in 2012 with Honours. He aims to provide up to date dental treatment tailored to each individual case in the most comfortable way. His patients tend to describe him as thorough and genuine, with a reassuring demeanour that helps anxious patients feel at ease during dental treatment. Dr Amr likes to consider himself detail oriented, which is a key factor in delivering optimum esthetic and restorative dental work that he mostly enjoys performing.

His scope of interest in dentistry also involves wisdom teeth extractions and root canal treatments. After studying with the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons he was influenced to apply minimally invasive dentistry to his routine practice. Dr Amr puts an emphasis on recognising and intercepting the causes of a given oral problem in order to minimze chances of recurrence and maximize treatment predictability. During his free time he enjoys water activities, travelling and exploring different cultures.

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