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Dental Implant in Sutherland

Why Are Dental Implants Popular?

It’s no secret that dental implants are popular. They’re a natural replacement for missing teeth and attractive. Implants have only become a recent phenomenon due to evolving dental technology, and patients are now making the most of it.

But the burning question is why are dental implants so popular? It is a question that’s concerned many people in the past due to its rapid rise in popularity. Therefore, lets take a look at some of the benefits that an implant patient can provide with fitted dental implants.

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The Five Benefits

  1. Natural Looking Results – When patients smile with an implant, its difficult for the public to see it. This is because the implants are moulded to exactly mirror your natural teeth. Therefore, patients are able to smile with confidence.
  2. High Success Rate – Patients can be assured that dental implants are safe, effective and successful. Through proficient surgery with experienced dental specialists, dental implant treatment is highly unlikely to go wrong.
  3. Natural Functionality – A key benefit of dental implants for patients is that it delivers improved mouth functioning. Like dentures, where they can become loose over time and become irritating to eat, chew or speak with, implants are exactly the opposite. They’re infused into the jawbone permanently and are stand-alone. This means it doesn’t require support from neighbouring teeth and there is no danger of the implant falling out of its socket. Continue to bite, eat and speak as normal and the implant will cause no concerns.
  4. Supports The Jaw And Bone – For teeth to be kept firmly in place, the jawbone needs to be strong. When the jawbone becomes weak, your facial structure begins to shift causing wrinkles and making you look older with an aged appearance. Implants stimulate the bone density so that you never experience these problems.
  5. Provides Enhanced Comfort – When having fitted dentures for example, they can become loose and cause embarrassment as it disturbs speech sharpness, doesn’t allow you to eat properly and is uncomfortable. Implant patients will never have these problems especially with a strong jawbone which strengthens the standing of the implant.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking dental implants, it is a worthwhile choice if your oral health is positive. Nobody likes to lose a tooth, but it is something that can occur in life. The public will never tell the difference with your natural tooth if you have an implant fitted. That is more reason to let you smile shine through with dental implants. The benefits will no doubt outweigh the costs in the long run.

If you’re considering fitted dental implants for a missing gap in your tooth, Sutherland Dental are ready and willing to restore confidence in your smile. Contact us now and book an appointment!


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