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poor teeth with plaque and tartar

What Does Tartar Look Like On Your Teeth?

Keeping dental plaque and tartar in check are two key important steps of your oral routine. Dental plaque forms on your teeth from food debris and bacteria and looks like a yellow pale substance that is first visible in between your teeth and then around the surface as it grows.

When dental plaque continues to build, something called tartar, or dental calculus starts to appear.

signs of plaque and tartar

What Is Tartar?

Tartar is a deposit that traps stains on your teeth and causes your tooth shade to darken. This is known as discolouration. This makes dental plaque and bacteria difficult to remove through brushing and flossing your teeth. The substance is hard, and it can only be removed by a dental professional.

Certain habits can cause tartar to build, such as smoking and eating sugars and carbohydrates. If you do not regularly perform the habit of brushing your teeth and keeping your mouth clean throughout the day, the deposits will become worse, damaging your smile.

What Causes Dental Plaque?

Saliva and food debris combine inside the mouth to build bacteria. The bacteria accumulate around the teeth and gums to cause plaque formation. Eating regular carbohydrates and sugars are key culprits of dental plaque build-up. Another way bacteria builds is if you’re using a worn-out toothbrush.

What is also important to note is that dental plaque can cause adverse oral health conditions such as gingivitis and dental cavities.

How Can Tartar Be Removed From My Teeth?

Dental plaque can be removed by brushing and flossing your teeth at home. Although, deposits of tartar can only be removed by a dental professional. The hygienist will use sharp equipment to perform a scale and polish. This is the process of scraping the tartar above the gum line to restore the smoothness of your tooth surface.

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How Do I Keep Plaque And Tartar Away From My Teeth?

The most important thing that you can do every single day is looking after your teeth and gums. This means by performing the following:

  • Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. Consider flossing after a meal as well
  • Regularly rinse your mouth with water
  • Keep drinking water to maintain high saliva levels
  • Avoid sugars and carbohydrates and replace them with calcium-rich meals to keep your enamel strong
  • Regularly visit the dentist when an appointment is due.

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