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What Are The Signs Your Tooth Needs To Be Taken Out?

Tooth Extraction treatment is required in the event of your tooth becoming severely decayed. This usually means the tooth can no longer be repaired. When you experience oral pain, you must contact the dentist immediately for emergency treatment. Your gums and teeth can get worse without realizing. The dentist is best placed to examine the state of your oral health.

As part of the examination, the dentist looks to identify any remains of the tooth that can be saved. Tooth extraction is typically considered a last resort if your tooth cannot be repaired.

Although removing your tooth through extraction treatment is a daunting experience, at times it may be necessary to preserve your long-term oral health.

Helpful Tips in Dental Emergency

The Common Signs

If you experience oral pain, the following signs indicate that you need tooth extraction treatment:

  1. Your Tooth Is Decayed – There are different reasons why and how a tooth can become decayed. Severe decay can mean the tooth is unrepairable and requires to be removed from its socket. Decay can be minor, and treatments such as a crown or a filling can limit further decay. This is dependent on the results of the dental examination.
  2. Your Teeth Are Crowded and Misaligned – When teeth become crowded due to misalignment, this can lead to further wear-and-tear, particularly when biting down on food. It also affects your smile. The ability to chew and bite down on food will do more damage to your teeth than you think. Dental treatment ensures teeth are realigned for a straight smile. However, where it’s considered that some teeth need to be removed to ensure there is enough room to realign for a straight smile, the dentist will recommend this.
  3. Your Teeth Are Infected – Decayed teeth can spread to neighbouring teeth, severely degrading your oral health and leading to an infection. There are other forms of treatment that limit infection to your neighbouring teeth, but this depends on the amount of damage or decay that your tooth has.

Tooth extraction is no longer something you need to fear. With advanced dental techniques including anaesthesia and sedation, a simple extraction is less painful than before.

Dental Checkup in Sutherland Dental Clinic

Tooth Extraction can bring dangers to oral health if your oral health isn’t good enough. Find out why here.

Aftercare Tips

Healing takes a week or two providing there are no complications. Limit physical activity, use the healing time to relax and carry out all recommended care tips from the dentist. If the dentist recommends over-the-counter pain relief, ensure it is used to limit any healing pain you experience. Use ice packs to limit swelling and rinse your mouth with lukewarm water after every meal. These tips give you the best chance of faster healing.

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