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The Truth About Root Canal Treatment

There are many believable myths and misconceptions surrounding root canal treatment. This makes people think the worst of it. Root Canal treatment is misunderstood to this day, and many articles you see online deliver conflicting opinions on root canal treatment compared to the actual truth.

Root canal treatment is the best treatment solution for patients that suffer from an infected, decayed or diseased tooth. The purpose of the root canal is to save much of the natural tooth as possible. If necessary, tooth extraction would be the last resort.


If you’re in need of treatment for a decayed or damaged tooth, a root canal is the best treatment choice. We’re here to give you the truth behind root canal treatment and shun the myths that you read on the internet.

The Four Myths

  1. Root Canal Treatment Can Make You Ill – The myth that root canal treatment makes you ill was formed in the 1920s by Dr. Weston Price. This research was founded based on fiction and therefore is untrue. The progression of this false information spread like wildfire and has ever since been a believable misconception. A root canal is designed to remove any form of bacteria or infection in accordance with saving your natural tooth. Root canal treatment aims to reduce any dangers of illness rather than cause it.
  2. Root Canal Treatment Offers No Long-Lasting Results – Whilst your pain is instantly relieved with root canal treatment, a crown will deliver long-term results providing it is looked after. The misconception is formed from patients who have suffered cracked teeth during treatment. Whilst this could have been avoided, it’s not a reason not to have root canal treatment. A root canal is intended to look after your teeth.
  3. Tooth Extraction Treatment Is Better – It is thought that removing your tooth and typically replacing it with natural artificial teeth such as dental implants is better than root canal treatment. There are more dangers in removing your tooth entirely, such as no stimulation of the jaw bone, weaker muscles, and weaker teeth. Your health will degrade instantly if your natural tooth is removed. Root canal treatment saves your natural teeth and preserves your bone and jaw structures.
  4. Root Canal Treatment Is Painful and Uncomfortable – Root canal treatment nowadays is painless. The pain that comes from the infected tooth is instantly relieved whilst crown treatment is undertaken. The infected area is often sedated with local anesthetics.

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Final Thoughts

The misconceptions of root canal treatment are far from the truth. So trust us, the professionals to tell you exactly why root canal treatment is the way forward if you suffer from decayed, damaged or infected teeth. Dental technology today ensures treatments are smooth and comfortable. Saving your natural tooth has large benefits, particularly for your oral health.

If you’re looking for more information on root canal treatment, our experienced, knowledgeable dentists are available to serve your needs. Contact us now at Sutherland Dental and get your queries answered.

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