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The Dental Hygienist – What Do They Do And Why Should You Visit Them?

Many patients are confused between a dentist and a hygienist. Whilst their roles are similar in some respects, they also differ in other aspects. Here, we tell you exactly who they are and what they do.

What is a Dental Hygienist?

Whilst dentists and hygienists work hand-in-hand to ensure that your oral health is strong and healthy. Their roles have subtle differences. A dental hygienist is more focused on restoring your hidden confidence by transforming the look of your smile and delivering the aesthetically-pleasing look. Dentists assist hygienists where services such as scale-and-polish and oral medical examinations. Hygienists are also responsible for educating patients on the benefits of looking after their teeth, typically during a check-up and clean. Other job responsibilities as a hygienist include:

  • Recording treatments, examinations and developing hygiene and routine plans
  • Identifying signs of infections, bacteria, and oral disease
  • Performing cancer screening x-rays
  • Applying fluoride and sealants

Hygienists usually work under the supervision of dentists to assist them when required. The hygienist is responsible for identifying any dangers. It is the role of the dentist who would perform repair and diagnosis for any severe dental related issues.

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Why Should You Visit The Dental Hygienist?

Whilst you may look in the mirror and see clean, white teeth, the chances are they may not be as healthy as you think. Oral hygiene is usually not taken seriously, and consequences could be severe to your oral health.

If you take your oral health seriously, then that’s the first big step to a happy and healthy mouth. However, there is no harm in visiting the hygienist as they are in a better position to advise on your oral health. Here are five reasons why you should book an appointment with the hygienist.

  1. Make Way For Happy and Healthy Smiles – The last thing you want is for your stains to stick, even in areas which you cannot find with your toothbrush. The hygienist has a better view of your teeth and is able to clear your teeth from discoloration, leading to a happy, healthy smile.
  2. Identify and Kill Any Cancer Signs – At every hygienist appointment, cancer screenings are carried out every time. If there are signs, the hygienist will recommend tips on how to reduce it, such as quitting smoking and alcohol.
  3. It Prevents Gum Disease – As we age, the chances of capturing gum disease increases. This is something that everyone can do without. As a solution, regularly visit the hygienist and book regular check-up appointments so the hygienist can advise on steps to reduce these dangers so that you don’t lose any teeth.
  4. Clean and Fresh Breath – Humans experience bad breath every time as a natural cause. This is known as Halitosis and is common if bacteria are formed around your teeth. The hygienist will remove the bacteria to reduce bad breath.
  5. Positive Oral Hygiene Tips – If you’re wondering how to effectively look after your teeth, the hygienist will provide hygiene tips for you to follow at home.

Why not read up on what you can expect in a check-up and clean to reap these benefits? Simple click here.

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Final Thoughts

Making small changes to your oral hygiene and lifestyle is all it takes to improve your oral health to make way for a happy and healthy smile. Regular visits to the hygienist are important for your overall health and we all know the benefits that come with a beaming smile.

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