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Dental Mouthguard For Teeth Grinding

Signs That You Need A Mouthguard for Teeth Grinding

Do You Clench Your Teeth Whilst You Sleep?

Teeth Grinding is something that you will be completely unaware of because it happens whilst you sleep. Your jaw muscles begin to clench together that can lead to facial pain and headaches. When you grind your teeth, you don’t realize you’re doing it. The real term is called Bruxism and can become a serious problem if not managed. You want to avoid it becoming a long-term habit because it’ll begin to ruin your teeth. If you’re suffering from stress and anxiety it is more likely that you are suffering from this problem.


Here are the typical signs that you may need a mouth guard to sleep better at night and most of all look after your teeth:

  1. You Experience Headaches Every Morning – Headaches, as you wake up, are related to teeth grinding. This is due to your jaws consuming pressure whilst grinding which leads to headaches. They may be mild or heavy, but you will feed pain typically towards the sides and the back of the head.
  2. Your Teeth Are Chipped or Crooked – Headaches are more of a common symptom for mild experiences. It becomes a serious problem if your teeth are eroding. Your teeth can only withstand so much strain before it begins to wear and tear. Your teeth become more sensitive. Typical signs your teeth are eroding include flat molars on top, shorter front teeth or cracks are forming within your teeth.
  3. You Are Diagnosed with TMJ Disorder – Excessive grinding may also cause inflammation surrounding the jaw as a result of teeth grinding. If the dentist diagnoses, you with this disorder you will be considered for a mouthguard. The pain associated with TMJ disorder will reduce along with reducing your grinding and keep your teeth protected.
  4. You Wake Up With Facial Soreness and Jaw Pain – The jaw and facial muscles are under stress with teeth grinding. During the day you will also experience stiffness. With this pain, you may find it difficult to chew your food. As you chew your food you may also hear a clicking sound. If not treated it may also affect your speech.


Final Thoughts

Teeth Grinding is something that isn’t noticeable and could cause damage to your teeth. It is recommended that you do exercises that relax you so that you feel less stress and anxiety. You must look after yourself, so your teeth don’t wear themselves down. If you get a mouthguard, your sleep will also become enhanced at the same time as your teeth being maintained.

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