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Dental Emergency Care

Signs Of Emergency Dental Care

A dental emergency occur at any time when you least expect it. Even the smallest dental concern may lead to something bigger unexpectedly. Therefore, any sign of a dental concern requires an emergency trip to the dentist. The chances of your dental concern causing more harm to your oral health are significant and the problems can quickly lead to something serious.

It’s difficult to determine which dental concerns are classed as an emergency. They can come in all shapes, sizes and all sorts of pain levels. Being prepared is key. If you understand what a dental emergency is it can save you money in the long run. Here are the signs that you require emergency dental care.

Helpful Tips in Dental Emergency

The Five Signs

  1. Your Tooth Has Become Loose – As an adult, a wobbly tooth isn’t naturally common. It is more likely that your tooth has become loose due to trauma or a physical accident. Therefore, it could be that you’re experiencing nerve or jaw damage. A loose tooth may also stem from an infection. This leads to toothache and you could be experiencing signs of gum disease. The output of a loose tooth has many outputs and therefore, the dentist is best place to address the root cause.
  2. Your Tooth Has Broken – Trauma is also experienced if a tooth is broken suddenly. The dental pain can be severe. However, the remains of the natural tooth can still be saved. Dependent on the health of the tooth, the dentist seeks further treatment to save the tooth through a root canal or a dental crown. However, if the entire tooth has been knocked out, underlying oral health issues can stem from this and therefore, an emergency appointment is essential.
  3. You’re Suffering From Severe Toothache – When suffering from severe toothache, the frustrating thing is that the root cause of it can be anything. This makes it more necessary to contact the emergency dentist without attempting to identify the problem yourself. The later you leave it, the more damage it could do to your oral health. Seek dentist support immediately.
  4. Your Gums Are Bleeding – It is natural for blood to stem from flossing your teeth. However, the signs to look out for are if the blood is severe and constant. In time, you may experience swelling to go with the pain. This could be a sign of periodontal disease and requires immediate dental care.
  5. Your Mouth Or Jaw Is Swollen – A swollen jaw’s root cause is also unknown. It can result from a number of factors such as infection, swollen lymph nodes, dizziness, constant headaches or gum disease. In extreme circumstances, it can be a sign of cancer. There is no way to diagnose yourself and a dental emergency appointment should be scheduled.

Emergency Care at Sutherland Dental Clinic

Are You In Pain?

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If you’re suffering from pain within your mouth and aren’t quite sure what the cause of it is, Sutherland Dental will assist in relieving you from your pain and restoring your oral health. Contact us now to book an appointment with our emergency dental specialists!


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