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Looking To Get Your Teeth Whitened? Get It Done Professionally And Here’s Why

These days, there are many kinds of teeth whitening treatments that are presented to you, whether it be in a drugs store, advertised on a billboard or by dental practices. The market is full of DIY Teeth Whitening solutions that are intended to make your teeth shine brightly.

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However, are they reliable? We’re here to tell you that you should consider getting your teeth whitened by our knowledgeable dental professionals. Here are four comparison points that will immediately tell you why getting your teeth whitened professionally is the correct choice.

The Four Comparison Points

  1. Professional Teeth Whitening Is A Safe Choice – If a dentist recommends professional teeth whitening treatment, there is a solid reason as to why you should believe it. Not only is professional teeth whitening a safe and comfortable procedure, but the long-term benefits also ensure your teeth stay healthy and white. DIY Teeth Whitening such as over-the-counter products guarantees short-term results but long-term drawbacks. This includes erosion of enamel and teeth sensitivity. There has been no evidence to suggest DIY Teeth Whitening works better.
  2. DIY Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Not Permanent – Counter products have not proven to deliver permanent white teeth. While they may be useful for the short-term, they deliver more risks to your long-term oral health because of the unknown chemicals that are used to make the products. Teeth Whitening results can last for years if looked after properly through a healthy diet.
  3. Your Confidence Is Instantly Lifted – With the knowledge of safe and comfortable teeth whitening procedure at the dental practice, you are already in the capable hands of the dentist. The results are immediate, which should lift your confidence instantly. As soon as you step out of the practice, your smile will shine.
  4. Keep Your Teeth Whitened at Home After Professional Treatment – Even after teeth whitening treatment, there are various dental teeth whitening products available that is extremely safe to use, particularly if you experience tooth sensitivity. These products are dangerous to use if you’ve used DIY dental kits and are not recommended. You’re in safe hands with these products if recommended by a dentist.

Professional Teeth Whitening is part of Cosmetic Dentistry. Find out more here about how it improves your quality of life.


Final Thoughts

The results of teeth whitening treatment are expected to be immediate. They can last for years with positive oral hygiene. Teeth naturally lose their whiteness over time and become discoloured. As a result, you tend to become more conscious of your lifestyle and importantly, your smile stays hidden from the public eye. You also experience different behaviours due to a lack of confidence. These are symptoms of regular use of DIY dental kits advertised. If you’re looking to restore your confidence and shine, visit the professionals for effective teeth whitening treatment.

If you’re struggling to smile due to low confidence, it could be time to consider teeth whitening treatment. Sutherland Dental is ready to turn that frown upside down. Let us help make your smile shine. Click here to book your appointment now!


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