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How To Reduce Bacteria In The Mouth Now

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria accumulates in the mouth for a long period of time. During the tooth decay process, cavities and other damage can form as a result of bacteria living in and around your tooth surfaces.

How Does Bacteria Form?

Well, it’s a combination of many things, but notably how strong your oral routine is and the food and drink you consume on a daily basis. Bacteria thrive in an environment that’s full of sugar, and if food debris remains in the mouth, it turns to acid, and acid can damage your enamel to soften.

Therefore, if your diet contains high volumes of sugar and even starch, there is a higher chance of bacteria doing further damage than you may expect.

There are treatment options available during the various stages of tooth decay, such as teeth whitening, scale and polish and even a tooth replacement. Although, the best approach is to catch the bacteria as early as possible by taking adequate steps to change some lifestyle choices.

So, here’s how you can reduce bacteria in the mouth now.

Drop The Sugar And Replace With Healthy Nutrients

Sugar is the culprit of bad oral health. Therefore sodas, wine, candy and sweets should be cut from your diet and replaced with food that contains sources of calcium and phosphate. These two nutrients are necessary for tooth enamel to remain strong. Your enamel acts as a protection tool from infection and disease.

Brush And Floss Your Teeth Correctly

Many people believe that there isn’t a specific technique when t comes to brushing your teeth. However, this is incorrect. Simply touching the bristles on your teeth does not remove debris and bacteria. Brushing teeth correctly means brushing twice a day, stroking the toothbrush against the front and biting surfaces and performing this day and night.

Boost Your Saliva Levels

Saliva is an important tool to keep bacteria levels low. Saliva keeps your mouth moist and is vital for regular food digestion. Food forms into bacteria and dental plaque if it remains inside the mouth for a long period. A moist mouth ensures debris is washed away from the mouth and into the stomach.

Scrape Your Tongue

Food debris naturally lands on your tongue more than anywhere else. Bad breath also stems from the bacteria on the tongue. Therefore, get a tongue scraper and perform this after brushing your teeth. Ensure you do this gently and rinse your mouth with saltwater once your tongue demonstrates its standard pink colour.

The lifestyle choices you make are vital to how strong your teeth and gums are. This also includes what you do to reduce bacteria in the mouth every day. Brushing teeth simple isn’t good enough. Your enamel needs the right nutrients to remain strong, and you need to reduce any ingredients that contribute to decay.

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