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Five Of The Worst Foods For Kids Teeth

As a child, it can be very difficult to abstain from eating their favourite treats. Having a sweet tooth can actually be very harmful to kids’ oral health, particularly for kids’ teeth where tooth development becomes impacted.

Therefore, it is vitally important that your kid consumes healthy foods as part of a balanced diet. Healthy foods should contain the right nutrients and vitamins for strong and healthy tooth development.


The Five Worst Foods For Kids Teeth

As a parent, it is important to realise five of the worst foods for kids’ teeth.

Citrus Fruits

When you hear “fruit”, is it natural to believe that all fruits are healthy for your child. Whilst eating fruit contains the minerals of your five-a-day, not all fruits are good for your oral health. Citrus contains acidic fruits that can erode the enamel and make kids’ teeth susceptible to decay. Citrus fruits such as lemon or lime should be avoided.

Sweets and Candy

Sweets and Candy are always going to be something that is difficult to keep away from children. Treats such as sugary gum and lollipops contain high levels of sugar which penetrate acid-producing bacteria. This leads to cavity and tooth decay. If as a parent you prefer to provide treats to your child, ensure they rinse their mouth with water afterwards to remove any sugary residue from their teeth.

Fruit Juices

Most fruit juices contain high sources of sugar, citric acid and high-calorie intake. This again leads to tooth enamel erosion and cavities forming. Not only that, pressing on the cap of a fruit juice bottle can cause damage to the contours of the teeth. Ensure that liquids contain low levels of sugar, or instead, consider drinking more water.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are a healthy snack that should be at the top of the list as part of a balanced diet. However, be sure to avoid eating dried fruits that are sticky. Sticky dried fruits tend to stay longer on teeth than other kinds of food. This can lead to bacteria and decay forming. It is recommended that you consume almonds, cashews, dates and walnuts, but avoid or limit the intake of berries or raisins that can stick on teeth.

Starch Foods

Children love a packet of crisps or a loaf of bread, but starchy foods such as these should only be consumed in moderation. These are starchy foods that convert into sugar when stuck on teeth, leading to a cavity. Children eating cereals for breakfast are also bad for teeth and should be consumed in moderation. Consider giving kids more protein and calcium foods as part of their breakfast such as egg, milk, soya, fish and green vegetables.

Family Checkup and Clean

Final Thoughts…

For you as a parent, it is understandably difficult to keep your child away from any unhealthy treats. Begin to reduce overall snacking and concentrate on providing healthy, calcium-rich foods as part of a balanced diet. You want your kid’s teeth to grow healthy teeth as part of overall good oral health. This starts with the food habits you provide to your child. You can read here on the best foods for kids teeth to get you started.

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