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Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Do More Harm Than Good To Your Teeth?

A frequently asked question is whether professional teeth whitening treatment can actually do more harm to your teeth than good. There is more emphasis placed on your tooth enamel when having teeth whitening treatment. Categorically, the answer is no. Professional teeth whitening treatment delivers more benefits to your oral health.

Professional teeth whitening is completed using a bleaching agent, designed to remove any intrinsic and extrinsic stains to your teeth. This limits plaque build-up and reduces the chances of bacteria. This makes way for whiter teeth.

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What is Enamel?

Enamel is a protective film or shell that covers each and every tooth. The enamel is known to be the hardest tissue in the human body, formed in the outer layer of the tooth through tiny tubules. Enamel can only be viewed through a magnifier tool. Stains absorbed through the tissue layer of the enamel is known as dentin. The underlying dentin captures all stains and teeth whitening treatment lightens the underlying stained tissue to make way for a happy and healthy smile.

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Enamel?

The active bleaching agent used is hydrogen peroxide. This infiltrates the enamel and dentin to make way for whiter teeth. Bleaching agents are used by targeting the enamel and to hide any stains within the underlying dentin. The dentin can be considered as the shade that forms on the tooth. The more stain molecules that appear in the dentin, the darker the smile.

Therefore, teeth whitening does not damage your enamel. However, just because you’re reading this information does not mean teeth whitening treatment is best for you. This is dependent on the other factors, particularly the current state of your teeth.

Are Your Teeth Ready For Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Here are some other things to consider before administering teeth whitening treatment:

  • Are My Teeth In The Right State? – Your teeth need to be in an appropriate state for teeth whitening treatment. If your teeth suffer from niggling wear-and-tear, or any teeth have become severely damaged or decayed, different treatments will be necessary before diving into teeth whitening treatment. The dentist will be best placed to examine the state of your teeth.
  • Is Teeth Whitening Treatment Worth The Cost? – Teeth whitening is not typically covered by dental insurance plans and you should outweigh the pros and cons to your smile. Teeth whitening is nice to have and whilst delivers many oral health benefits, it is not for everybody.
  • Is At-Home Bleaching Better For Me? – Bleaching can be performed at home or at the dentist. Bleaching products can be bought from over-the-counter drug stores. Although less expensive, there is no proof to suggest that at-home bleaching products will deliver the same benefits compared to in-office bleaching at the dental clinic. In-office bleaching requires multiple appointments. However, it is proven to be successful in delivering long-lasting results.

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Final Thoughts

After teeth whitening treatment, be mindful that adopting positive oral hygiene is required to keep teeth white at home. Consult the dentist for a recommended oral hygiene plan.

If you’re considering teeth whitening treatment, our dentists at Sutherland Dental are on hand to deliver happy and healthy smiles.

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