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Visiting the dentist for a check-up appointment

Are You Visiting The Dentist Regularly?

This is a dreaded question that we don’t want to hear when we’re younger. Although, as part of a healthy lifestyle, it is essential that we keep up with oral hygiene every day, and as part of your routine, visiting the dentist regularly is a fundamental step.

There is a multitude of reasons as to why you may put off visiting the dentist. Some reasons may be out of your control, which you can read further down below. Ultimately, you do not want to put your oral health in danger, and not visiting the dentist every six months for a check-up is a consequence of that.

Therefore, if you’re one that’s not visiting the dentist regularly for a check-up, here are the reasons as to why you should be.

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Your Oral Health May Not Be Perfect

You’re falling into a false trap if you believe your oral health doesn’t warrant a visiting the dentist. You probably wake up in the morning believing your teeth are white and your gums are perfect pink, and that’s good news. Although, there are other areas of the mouth other than just teeth and gums, and the dentist is best placed to provide a full comprehensive check-up of your entire mouth. There may be underlying areas of the mouth that need addressing.

Your Teeth May Fall Out

Yes, there is a likely chance that your teeth will eventually fall out. During life, there may be dental habits that you pick up that can prove detrimental, meaning your teeth could be in danger. When visiting the dentist, you can obtain knowledge of oral health whilst learning best practice tips to keep your oral health strong and clean.

Oral Cancer Signs

Oral cancer can form at any time, and it isn’t necessarily that if you keep your teeth and gums clean that you won’t be in danger from oral cancer. Most people are unaware that dentists check for oral cancer as part of their check-up, and there is no telling if you’re suffering from oral cancer symptoms unless you visit the dentist. The dentist can monitor and detect any early signs.

Gum Problems

Any signs of gum disease are also difficult to notice when at home, and gum disease can flare up at any time. There are some simple remedies that help to reduce gum disease, but if gum disease progress to an advance stage such as bleeding and swelling, this can lead to tooth loss. Visiting the dentist allows for gum health to be maintained whilst performing preventative treatment at your check-up appointment if needed.

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Reasons Preventing You From Visiting The Dentist

There are certain reasons that could be preventing you from visiting the dentist regularly out of your control. Equally, there may be some excuses to avoid the dentist altogether. Although, seeking advice from the dentist is essential if the following reasons are preventing you from visiting the dentist.

  1. Trauma from a previous bad experience during a dental check-up
  2. Suffering from general dental anxiety
  3. A lack of confidence owing to fear of judgement from the dentist
  4. Fear of needles or the feeling of dental equipment touching your mouth
  5. A lack of importance and maintenance to oral health

These are valid reasons why you avoid visiting the dentist regularly. Although, it is important to note that the role of the dentist is to help you to become confident and relaxed in the dental practice whilst the dentist gets to work on your oral health. The dentist always seeks the best results for their patients, and if you’re not visiting the dentist regularly owing to one of these reasons, speak to the dentist so they can help you.

Are you due for a check-up? Alternatively, are you seeking to overcome any fears preventing you from visiting the dentist regularly? Why not contact us at Sutherland Dental today? We are happy to welcome you for a check-up whilst doing all we can to ensure your visit is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Simply click here to check yourself in today!


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