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Dental implant to replace missing tooth

Are Dental Implants Worth The Cost?

Fitted dental implants are expected to last a lifetime, but there is no hiding from the fact that dental implants are expensive in cost. Ultimately, this can be a deterrent for patients who are seeking a long-term replacement for a missing or extracted tooth.

If a fitted dental implant is cared for properly at home, it can last for up to 20 years. Patients in the past have had implants fitted in and treat it as part of your natural set.

That’s because fitted implants are meant to perform just like a natural tooth. There are many benefits to a dental implant. Although, some believe the cost outweighs the benefits, and prefer to choose cheaper forms of treatment for missing teeth.

This decision lies with the patient, but we’re here to share some facts about dental implants that will help you make the right decision for your oral health needs. Read on below.

Patient smiling with fitted implants

A Permanent Solution

As mentioned, a dental implant is a permanent solution for a missing tooth. The crown is permanently fixed on top of a titanium screw. The screw is infused into the jawbone and, providing your jawbone density is high and strong, you’re unlikely to experience any movement with your implant, unlike dentures and bridges.

Reduces Cavities

Dental implants cannot decay, unlike your natural teeth. This doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be cared for with a strong oral routine, but it could provide some comfort to know that the chances of a cavity forming through the implant are slim.

Bone Stimulation

It is possible for patients to have fitted dental implants if your bone is weak, however, you’ll require bone grafting treatment first. This involves taking bone from other areas of your body where it is not really needed, before grafting to your jawbone to build its volume. A strong jawbone is very important for your implant to work for you long-term, and you can support its stimulation by eating the calcium and vitamin minerals as part of certain methods you should perform for stronger bone density.

Prevents Ageing

Missing teeth contributes to faster ageing. This is because your jawbone begins to recede due to a lack of stimulation. When your jawbone deteriorates, so does your appearance. A fitted dental implant can reduce these chances because when it’s fitted in the jawbone, it maintains bone stimulation.

Safe and Low Maintenance

There are two key points to consider as part of your decision. First, dental implant treatment is safe. There are no side effects, and you should expect a bit of soreness after the treatment is complete. Also, looking after your implants aren’t troublesome. Simply follow a strong oral routine as you would for your natural teeth, and your implants will last a lifetime.

Tooth Implants by Sutherland Dentist

Whilst we can advocate for fitted dental implants for our patients, it is ultimately your decision. Although, it is equally important that you seek a dentist’s recommendation. This is because the dentist will be best placed to understand the state of your oral health and determine whether your oral health is strong enough for an implant.

Are you seeking dental implant treatment? Contact us at Sutherland Dental today to see if you’re eligible for an implant!



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