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a lady consuming drinks with sugar and acid

An Acid Attack On Your Teeth

Drinks that contain sugars are harmful to your teeth, but so are acidic drinks. It’s simple, with poor oral hygiene and a diet comprising of sugars and acids, you’ll suffer from enamel erosion through an acid attack on your teeth. This also means enamel-pro properties, such as calcium and phosphorous will also dissolve, leaving your enamel in danger of catching harmful bacteria. Cavities and tooth decay will begin to form and you will require emergency treatment.

We focus on drinks that contain high levels of acid. Here are some of the dangers of consuming acidic drinks.

acid attack on your enamel

Dangers of Acidic Drinks

  • Lower pH Levels – A lower pH on acidic drinks demonstrates that drinks can contain high volumes of acid. A pH level of 0 and 7 indicates this, which is dangerous to your enamel and your teeth.
  • Discolouration – Enamel erosion can cause the underlying yellow dentin that sits underneath the enamel to become exposed. The dentin is the middle layer of the tooth structure and helps to protect your teeth from contracting harmful properties, but when it becomes exposed, your tooth shade will decrease to a yellow colour and eventually become darker.
  • Bacteria Build-Up – Consuming acidic drinks can also mean your teeth contracts harmful bacteria. The sugars break down through the bacteria to cause a build-up of acid. This increases the chances of cavities and tooth decay.
  • Painful Sensitivity – Your mouth will eventually become sensitive, even when eating. If you eat hot and cold foods regularly, the sensitivity will begin to increase.
  • Balanced Diets – Acid attacks will require to form a more balanced diet. This means a significant reduction to your diet and you’ll need to stop eating your favourite food and drinks. Whilst a balanced diet is hugely beneficial, you don’t want to alter it for the sake of your teeth.

drinking water good for enamel

What Drinks Are Best For My Teeth?

If you want to keep your enamel strong and reduce the chances of an acid attack on your teeth, consume drinks that are at a high pH level. The benefits to this are high levels of saliva, reducing bacteria levels and keeping your mouth clean.

  • Water
  • Black coffee
  • Black Tea
  • Milk
  • Herbal Tea
  • Soy Milk

You need to avoid regular consumption of sodas, alcohol and wine. Consuming in moderation and once in a while is beneficial to your teeth and enamel. The result of this will be a shiny smile and no dangers of an acid attack on your teeth.

If you need support in looking after your enamel, check in with us at Sutherland Dental today and we’d be happy to help.


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